Multi Discipline

At Christies Beach, we combine our regular Board and Ski training sessions with our ocean swimming as a part of our weekly training program. All three disciplines combined create our Multi discipline events.

For more information, Please contact the Board and Ski captain or the Club Captain. Details available on the “Contact Us” page.


The Ironman and Ironwoman events are conducted over a course consisting of three legs, including a swim, surf ski and surf board. The race concludes with a beach sprint to the finish line. The order of the legs may vary and is decided by draw prior to the event.

Taplin Relay

Teams of swimmers, board paddlers and ski paddlers, compete together as a team relay over an Ironman course. The order of the legs may vary and is decided by draw prior to the event.

The Taplin Relay event may be conducted in three person (one swimmer, one surf board and one surf ski paddler), six person (two competitors for each water leg), or four person (one competitor per water leg plus a beach sprinter to complete the race) variations.

Lifesaver Relay

Teams shall be comprised of nine competitors including one surf boat crew, one swimmer, one surf board paddler, one surf ski paddler and one beach sprinter. This event is conducted over a course consisting of a surf boat, a surf ski, a surf board, a swim and a beach sprint. The surf boat leg will always be the first leg as will the beach sprint always concluding the race. The order of the other legs is drawn by ballot. Each leg shall follow a course from the beach out to sea, rounding buoys and returning to tag the next leg competitors.

Cameron Relay

Teams of four competitors comprising of a surf board paddler, surf swimmer and two runners compete in this relay. The order of the water legs are drawn by ballot. The first competitor enters the water, rounds the buoys and returns to shore where they tag the first runner. The first runner rounds turning flags and tags the next competitor who round the buoys and tags the last runner. The last runner runs to the finish line.

Surf Board Rescue Race

This two-person event comprises of a surf swimmer and a surf board paddler. The race commences with the swimmer swimming to their allocated buoy and then signalling back to the beach for their board paddler to come out and collect them. Once the paddler reaches the swimmer, the two paddle their board back to beach and cross the finish line.